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“Drinks with(out) Barry –...

week 8

Another week has come and gone and Barry is still gone! So “Drinks withOUT Barry” this week. Also, since Barry wasn’t around all week we couldn’t do anything remodeling wise with him. In a nutshell, this week’s video is so short we didn’t even bother making a drink!

“Drinks with(out) Barry” ...


Well it’s another week and that means another “Drinks with Barry”. Only this week Barry is still at the dealer so there is no Barry. BUT we got our new composting toilet! So kick back and enjoy a short episode of “Drinks with Barry”!  

Guide To Santos – Camping, Moun...


Santos is located in Ocala, FL about an hour and a half North of Tampa. We have done too many trips here to remember an accurate number of times. Hands down our favorite Florida spot for mountain biking! You will find trails for every level of rider. There are many beginner friendly (yellow) trails, followed by […]

Drinks with Barry – Week 6 R...


“Drinks with Barry” coming at you from Santos Campgrounds in Ocala, FL. We take Barry on his first road trip!!! Going back to one of our favorite mountain spots in Florida, Santos. OH, Baron and Ava make their cameos from the dash of the RV!!!

Drinks with Barry – Week 5

unnamed (2)

This week we talk about the new water distiller, painting the blinds, Barry’s boo boo and our new chairs!! Our producer Ava keeps her diva side in check all while Baron lounges in the grass!    

Drinks on Barry’s Couch –...

Boxer Diff

This week’s we do “Drinks on Barry’s Couch”. Hopefully Barry is back for week 5! Fingers crossed!! For this week’s episode, Baron and Ava join us this week as we sit on Barry’s couch sipping on Apple Pie Moonshine! Basically this week involves bad sound, a bad boxer and good moonshine! We also talk about: […]

Drinks with(out) Barry – Week 3

unnamed (1)

Wait, “Drinks withOUT Barry”??? What is that about?! Watch below to find out where Barry is! OH, and we discuss a flux capacitor, listen to birds chirp and talk about our really exciting date to the marine salvage yard! For all of those that love the mechanical aspect of Barry, Colin had a busy week! […]

Drinks with Barry – Week 2


Another week and another “Drinks with Barry”. The agenda this week covers: – ABS wheel speed sensor ( – Brake lines – Painted front wheel wells – New Airbags – Dana 80 oil weight and diff cover – Fuel filter – Cleaned Barry top to bottom – Removed wallpaper (wall paper SUCKS!!!) – Painted white […]

Drinks with Barry – Week 1


Hello there!!! We had a busy week with Barry and the remodeling! Pour a drink and join us for “Drinks with Barry” as we recap the updates! Topics Discussed: Generator/Engine tune up Parts: Brakes New rubber: sway bar bushings/brake lines/air bags A/C Tune up: Cleaning / hard start kit Captain’s chair removed Couch removed Visit […]

Barry The Bounder – The “...


Welcome to the inside tour of Barry The Bounder, a 1998 Fleetwood Bounder!! Barry is a child of the 90s and his interior shows it. We love Barry and all but we do not love his decor. For a more in depth tour of Barry complete with what we plan on doing with the interior, check […]

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