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Powered Paragliding Training Trip


We are less than a week away until we take off in Barry for a week of Powered Paragliding Training!! Powered Paragliding (PPG) is something has interest us for sometime now. If you aren’t familiar with PPG, it is where you strap a motor to your back then taking off running until the big parachute you […]

Composting Toilet Install – Blo...


Just for laughs, here are some moments that were caught on tape. Sit back, relax and laugh!

Rambling Arnolds on the Travel Channe...

unnamed (1)

We are so excited to announce our episode of Big Time RV will be airing on the Travel Channel September 20th at 8pm!!! If you haven’t heard of Big Time RV, check out more about the show here. How did we end up on an episode of Big Time RV? We live very close to Lazy […]

Onan Marquiz 5500 (BGM) Fuel System S...

Barry Onan

Onan Marquiz 5500 (BGM) Fuel System Service / Clean Our neglected Onan BGM has only 7 hours on it after 15 years of service. While under load it is loping along and we attempt to solve that by cutting corners and not replacing the carburator. We learn how great Berryman’s B-12 fuel cleaner is, how […]

“Drinks with Barry” ̵...

week 12

NEW “Drinks with Barry” is up on You Tube!! Busy week with Barry the RV being back home!! Join us for a drink as we do a walking tour of the new paint job, talk about plasma cutting and welding the new battery trays and much, much more!!!!

“Drinks WITH Barry” ̵...

Week 11

That is right, Barry finally came home!!! After almost a month away, Barry is now back home with The Arnold Family! Check out our adventures of getting Barry in the back yard amidst a muddy yard from all the Florida thunderstorms (that was something), discovering new roof leaks, WAIT, we are giving it all away. […]

“Drinks with(out) Barry –...

Week 9 and 10

Barry is still at the dealership having the hydraulic leveling jacks worked on. So for weeks 9 & 10, we did a lot of…kicking back and playing with Baron and Ava. They didn’t mind

“Drinks with(out) Barry –...

week 8

Another week has come and gone and Barry is still gone! So “Drinks withOUT Barry” this week. Also, since Barry wasn’t around all week we couldn’t do anything remodeling wise with him. In a nutshell, this week’s video is so short we didn’t even bother making a drink!

“Drinks with(out) Barry” ...


Well it’s another week and that means another “Drinks with Barry”. Only this week Barry is still at the dealer so there is no Barry. BUT we got our new composting toilet! So kick back and enjoy a short episode of “Drinks with Barry”!  

Guide To Santos – Camping, Moun...


Santos is located in Ocala, FL about an hour and a half North of Tampa. We have done too many trips here to remember an accurate number of times. Hands down our favorite Florida spot for mountain biking! You will find trails for every level of rider. There are many beginner friendly (yellow) trails, followed by […]

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